Jeg vil hjem til menneskene – Susanna (DIGITAL/LP)

SusannaSonata SONATA070/SONATALP070 2022
limited edition vinyl 399 kr
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Due to a conflict with the original record label Grappa Musikkforlag regarding yearly sales numbers, Susanna’s album from 2011 “Jeg vil hjem til menneskene” Susanna Wallumrød synger Gunvor Hofmo was destructed and removed from all digital platforms in 2018. Against Susanna’s will, this album was not available for several years. She went public with the conflict in 2021 while she also released the demos for the album. 

It is with great pleasure we announce that the master rights is bought and now controlled by SusannaSonata. We release the album digitally October 7th, and there will also for the first time be a vinyl edition of the album. 

LP: 180 gr black vinyl with cover design by Kim Hiorthøy and lyrics printed on the inner sleeve. Different track order than the digital album. Price 399 NOK (including VAT in Norway)

RELEASED NOVEMBER 2022 / Original release March 2011

Poetry by Gunvor Hofmo

Music by Susanna Wallumrød

Arrangements made together with the band and the producer

Susanna  – vocals

Ståle Storløkkengrand piano, upright piano,  Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ and synth

Hans Magnus Ryan – guitar

Jo Berger Myhre –  acoustic and electric bass

Erland Dahlen – drums, percussion, , perkusjon, kettle drums, omnichord and saw

Backing vocals and handclaps – everyone

Recorded at Atlantis Studio Stockholm December 2010 by Janne Hansson and Helge Sten

Mixed at Audio Virus LAB January 2011 by Helge Sten

Mastered at Digital domain January 2011 by Bob Katz

Produced by Helge Sten

LP remastered by Helge Sten at AUDIO VIRUS LAB, Oslo

Cover design by Kim Hiorthøy