Wilderness Single – Susanna & the Brotherhood of Our Lady

SusannaSonata SONATA052 2019
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Third single from Susanna is out, from upcoming new album!

…her voice emerging from the constraints of the piano just as a lost soul would emerge from the devilish, post-mortem wild.”  TINY MIX TAPES

…elegant new track”  THE LINE OF BEST FIT

The new single from Susanna’s upcoming album ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’, inspired by the remarkable, surreal and beautiful art made by Hieronymus Bosch several hundred years ago, is ‘Wilderness’. 

Programmed drums and unison chanting sets the mood for the track:

I come from sea

I come from wilderness

You have grown out of me

I am a tree

The song has bizarre vivid images and catchy themes which ends in a joyous choir. 

Susanna – voice, piano, electronics, synth

Stina Moltu – guitar and voice

Ida Løvli Hidle – accordion

Ina Sagstuen – voice, electronics

Natali Abrahamsen Garner – voice, electronics

Recorded at Ocean Sound studio Giske by Henning Svoren

Produced and programmed by Deathprod and Susanna

Mixed by Andrew Scheps

Cover artwork by Lori Damiano

Released by SusannaSonata 8th February 2019