“….the transfixing result of a 2009 live collaboration and one of the best records of either’s career.” 8,2/10 Pitchfork (USA)

“It’s spiritual chamber music, mythopoetically encrusted, captivating and terrifying at the same time.” The Wire (UK)

“Exultant experience.” 4/5 The Guardian (UK)

“This is seriously beautiful music, created by artist who are not afraid to face their monsters. Be enthralled by it. “ PennyBlack Music (UK)

”Hval and Susanna come together on Meshes of Voice to make truly sublime music.” The Quietus (USA)

“While both performers have shown themselves to be more than competent solo performers, with Meshes of Voice they show the result of two compelling contemporaries coming together, in the process creating something utterly revelatory and, ultimately, greater than the sum of its respective parts.” 8/10 Popmatters (USA)

“As different as their approaches are, Hval and Susanna do, indeed, mesh beautifully on an album that explores a range of human emotion with the starkest honesty, as the music crosses a broad plateau from folkloric beauty and deeper melancholy to noise-driven extremes.” 4,5/5 All About Jazz (USA)

“Its high-concept trappings aren’t for everyone, but its imaginative, layered, beautifully sung music captures two vehemently independent artists united by an enchanting, bone-chilling vision.” Chicago Reader (USA)

*Song of the Day, The Line of Best Fit (UK): “The eclectic Norwegian vocalists blindside us with a stunning cut from their Meshes of Voice project» http://bit.ly/1rxJVQc

*Five Best Songs of the Week, The Line of Best Fit (UK): “Norwegian artists Jenny Hval and Susanna will release Meshes Of Voice this year and one of the featured tracks is the mind-blowing, “I Have Walked This Body”. It’s five minutes of unbounded, unapologetic, uncompromising art, ballooning with dissonance and consonance, bile and beauty. Hval and Susanna’s vocals could soar across fjords, mountains, oceans, skies – just about any natural formation of epic proportion – unafraid to bellow or whisper within the musical cacophony. Startling and boundary-pushing songwriting.” http://bit.ly/1tPNhNS

* Marlbank (UK): “Settling gloweringly the starkly original material the pair have composed rarely fails to make anything but a formidably strong sensory impression throughout.” http://bit.ly/1tcnF0r

* The Needle Drop (USA): “Jenny Hval and Susanna are both well-respected Norwegian singer-songwriters with striking voices who favor unique, complex, and often quite minimal compositions.” http://bit.ly/1uuIvtw

*Best New Track, Pitchfork (USA): “The riptide static and the feedback pour from the powerful vocals themselves, a reflection of the personal animism written into the words.” http://bit.ly/1tTmqEw

*The 405 (UK) We strongly recommend checking out Meshes of Voice.” http://bit.ly/1ocUouP

*Wondering Sound (USA) 4/5 ” Ideas of beauty — in our bodies, our landscapes, our singing, even in something as basic as tuning — are all in play in this remarkably conceived song cycle.” http://bit.ly/1oQByzR

*The Real Music (USA) 4/5 ” Meshes of Voice is a dark twisted type of folk, an album of extreme beauty, dreamy soundscapes and vocal harmonies that send shivers down the spine.” http://bit.ly/1uVTJX2

*Leaden Circles (USA) ” Meshes of Voice is an absolute triumph.” http://bit.ly/1q00p25