Due to a conflict with the original record label Grappa Musikkforlag regarding yearly sales numbers, Susanna’s album from 2011 “Jeg vil hjem til menneskene” Susanna Wallumrød synger Gunvor Hofmo was destructed and removed from all digital platforms in 2018. Against Susanna’s will, this album is no longer available. While she hopes the record will be made available again, and that she also will receive the statements she is in title to, she now releases the demoes recorded in 2009. Recorded in the living room at Bygdøy where she lived at that time, and at the rehearsal space in Teglverksgata together with Ståle Storløkken (Døden er ikke til!)- this is an ultimate intimate setting for the powerful poetry of Gunvor Hofmo, performed by Susanna solo on piano, Rhodes and vocals. 

Susanna has also recorded two bonus tracks, Det er ingen hverdag mer and Forventning, in her studio this fall, for this demos album. We hope you will support an independent artist and label.  Pre-order soon. The album is out 18th of November 2021.