The new album is released and receives much acclaim:

Wondrous, haunting bunch of covers from Norwegian singer8/10 Uncut Magazine 

There’s a chill melancholy to Susanna’s vocal delivery that’s quintessentially Scandinavian, but which matches perfectly most of the material on this anthology of covers.” 4/5 The Independent

“Susanna makes a classic set of songs truly her own on Go Dig My Grave” 8/10 The 405

Folk, skiffle and Joy Division, reworked by the Norwegian jazz doyenne.” Prog Magazine

“It’s intense, doomy and beautiful.” 8/10 Peterborough Evening Telegraph 

“Singing other people’s songs can be a precarious business, but Susanna’s personal style is so secure that she is able to share her gift for metamorphosis with self-possession and grace.” The Wire Magazine

“Susanna has a scholar’s discernment, an angel’s larynx and, on a record concerned with epitaphs, commands attention amid life’s noise.” 7/10 Belfast Telegraph