City of Hope Single – Susanna & the Brotherhood of our Lady

SusannaSonata SONATA037 2017
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Susanna composed the honourable yearly commissioned work for Vossa Jazz 2017, and ‘City of Hope’ is first track to be released from the song-cycle inspired by dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. The battle between dark and light forces within us or in the society, belief, religion and spiritual agony fascinated Bosch, and his paintings are detailed and surreal.

Susanna composed brand new music, lots of songs, and put together a new band to present her music together with. Instrumentation consisting of piano, guitar, tape recorder, accordion, voices, synth and electronics – this all sounds quite different than many other acts these days. The premiere was at Vossa Jazz 2017 and this recording is made by NRK, national broadcast company in Norway.

‘City of Hope’ is a manic chant for guiding in love and life, performed by layers of distorted and echoed female voices of the Brotherhood of Our Lady.

Susanna- vocals, piano, electronics and effects

Stina Moltu- guitar and vocals

Ida Løvli Hidle- accordion

Natali Garner- vocals, percussion and effects

Ina Sagstuen- vocals, effects and synth

Recorded live at Vossa Jazz april 2017 by NRK P2

Cover photo by Odin Drønen/Vossa Jazz